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Motor Of Information
- Model 860 Series
- Model 760 Series
- Model 760USA Series
- Model 600 Series
- Model 460 Series
- Model VH Series
- Model VHK Series
- Model VHL Series
- Model AH Series
- Model PS Series
- Model DH Series
- Fixed Speed Motors
- Variable Speed Motors
- Electromagnetic Brake Motor
- C.B Motors
- C.B Variable Speed Motors
- Torque Motors
- Linear Gear Motors
- Right-Angle GearMotor
- Worm GearMotors
- Specific Specifications Motor
- Hysteresis Motors
- Shaded Pole GearMotors
SYMOTOR SEKO(SHANG YANG) Motor, which developed Taiwan´s first standard compact motor, constantly renews its commitment to innovation and continuously broadens its technology base. As a result, the focus of our development activities has now shifted from power motors to control motors and from individual components to multi-purpose systems. Shang Yang Motor currently offers over 3,000 product types to meet a diverse range of requirements.
Constant Speed Motors  
Induction Motors   Reversible Motors
- IK Series - RK Series
Capacitor-run, single-phase and three-phase motors are available. Lead wire type, terminal box type and conduit box type motors are available depending upon how the power source and the motor are connected.4W-200W apacitor-run, single-phase motors. The outward appearance is the same as that of induction motors, however, these motors are suited for applications where the motor must frequently switch direction.4W-90W
2 Pole High Speed Type   Specific Specifications Motor
- IK Series - H Series
Induction motors (High Speed Type)¡B6W-180W.  
AC Speed Control Motors  
USW Series   SSW Series
- USW Series - SSW Series
This series combines a separate control unit and an AC speed-control motor. Connection between the motor and control unit is simplified by a one-touch connector.4W-200W Speed Control Park¡BInstantaneous CW and CCW¡B4W-200W
SSDW Series    
- SSDW Series  
Speed Control Pack With Barke¡BInstantaneous Stop¡BAcceleration/deceleration Function¡BInstantaneous CW and CCW¡B4W-200W    
Motors with Braking Function  
Electromagnetic Brake Motor   Clutch and Brake Motor
- RK Series - NCB Series
CB Series
This product is a load-holding brake motor with a power off activated type electromagnetic brake.4W-200W. Combines a clutch and brake mechanism with an induction motor. It is ideal for high-frequency starting and stopping.25W-90W.
Environment-Resistant Motors  
Torque Motors   Hysteresis Motors
- TK Series - ES Series
Suitable for controlling tension and pushing applications in winding operations. Torque can be set to any desired level by changing the input voltage.3W-100W. 10W-15W
Linear GearHeads   Worm GearHeads
- LB & LF Series  - KLR & KL & KR Series   
Linear Head - Using with rack-and-pinion mechanism mounted onto standard AC
motor directly which produces linear motion such as pressing, reversing and traveling.
Right Angle Gear Head is for use with 40W and 60W GK Gear Type motors.Unit offers speeds to seven kinds ratio. Typical applications include welding wire feeders, conveyor drives, packaging equipment, floor cleaning equipment, and food processing equipment¡B40W-60W 
Right-Angle GearHeads    
- RA & RH Series   
Parallel shaft, right-angle solid and right-angle hollow shaft gearheads.60W-90W.  
Shaded Pole Motors  
Shaded Pole AC GearMotors   Shaded Pole AC GearMotors
- S16 Series - S20  Series                             - S25 Series 
Shaded Pole AC GearMotors   Shaded Pole AC GearMotors
- S30 Series                             - S38 Series - S40 Series
Shaded Pole AC GearMotors   DC Carbon-Brush GearMotors
- S50 Series - 42D3-DC-24V Series
DC Carbon-Brush GearMotors   DC Control Pack
- 54D3-DC-24V Series    

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