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SHANG YANG HOPPER                

Hopper Of Information
      Hopper model description 
     Control model description
- Model 860 Series
- Model 760 Series
- Model 760USA Series
- Model 600 Series
- Model 460 Series
- Model VH Series
- Model VHK Series
- Model VHL Series
- Model AH Series
- Model PS Series
- Model DH Series
- Fixed Speed Motors
- Variable Speed Motors
- Electromagnetic Brake Motor
- C.B Motors
- C.B Variable Speed Motors
- Torque Motors
- Linear Gear Motors
- Right-Angle GearMotor
- Worm GearMotors
- Specific Specifications Motor
- Hysteresis Motors
- Shaded Pole GearMotors
Our products suit for Casino Industry and Banking . It use on many kinds of machines. Such as Gaming Machines & Casino Machines & Video Poker Machines & Vending Machines & ATM Machines.All of our products are manufactured in Taiwan and have patent in six countries at least, each product has certificate of CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS.
860 Series
Based on 600 series ,860 series improved Hopper Discs and Distribute Speed ,that make dispensing more precise and Lengthen the life of 860 series. Possessing the escalator height 1310mm even length.
760 Series
Include standard 760B760L/LLB760USA which are most successful items adopted by many casinoes in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The smooth rotation of the disc ensures stalbe coin payout and the performance has been highly evaluated all over the world.
760USA Series
Based on 760 series, 760USA series improved into a unilateral sensor ,that make dispensing speed more precise. 760USA series can be used more than 20 minutes under the circumstances of alternating current. General for America continent as well.
600 Series
Having 30-year experience. We have developed 600 series. Whose dispensing speed achieves 650 per/min(US25¢). Maximizing the efficaciously increasing variable function and decreasing the cost of the hopper parts.
460 Series
The new developing 460 series, with long expiration due to a strictly-made Hopper Discs ,specializes for operating alone or connecting.
VHL Series
The VHL was developed specifically to handle the large $1 (38mm) casino type of token. It has a capacity of 550 large coins and a dispensing speed of 330 coins/min dependant upon coin diameter.
VHK Series
The new developing VHK series, with long expiration due to a strictly-made Hopper Discs ,specializes for operating alone or connecting.
VHII Series
We have developed VH series ,with the Hopper Discs of specialization the powerful motor, possessing the escalator height 1310mm.
AH Series
Based on BF series ,AH series suit use on space is limited of Machines.
PS Series
DH Series
DH Series

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